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This week's top tech news stories

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Happy Friday!

Welcome to our roundup of the biggest tech stories in the news this week.

We're going to find aliens, say scientists

The search for extraterrestrial lifeforms has ramped up as space agencies launched ambitious programmes to answer the old question: are we alone?

This week the European Space Agency launched a satellite to study planets beyond our solar system.

And NASA scientists say they think we're on the verge of finding alien life.

The agency plans to increase its search for signs of extraterrestrial life over the next 10 years.

Are we alone? Read more here.

Politicians to dodge truth test

Instagram is using third party fact-checkers to validate content on the app.

But politicians are exempt from this attempt to unmask fake news.

Why are political messages under less scrutiny? Read more here.

8-year-old named YouTube highest earner

Ryan's World made the news after topping the list for the second year in a row at $26m.

The popular young YouTuber - who reviews toys - currently has 22.9 million subscribers.

Ryan's most popular video has 1.9 billion views.

Why is he so popular?

Bitcoin recovers

After being stuck in a downward trend, the price of bitcoin has seen a sudden recovery.

Its value currently sits at $7,204.29.

What does this news mean for cryptocurrency after a turbulent year? Click here for expert analysis.

Tesla's stock price reaches record high

Tesla's stock rose above $400 - a record high for the company.

News of the record price of $406.83 marks a 55% rally from the third quarter earnings of 23 October.

How did Elon Musk do it and what does this mean for Tesla and the industry? Find out here.

App Annie's winners for 2019

What were your favourite apps and games this year?

Mobile market data and analytics firm App Annie has released its list of the most popular apps and games.

Here's who came out on top.

Airbnb not an estate agent, court rules

An attempt to increase regulation of Airbnb has been defeated in court.

Europe's top court ruled the accommodation-booking service is a platform, not an estate agent.

The French tourism association had complained that Airbnb did not comply with French property laws.

What impact does this news have on the sharing economy?

Avengers star in AI documentary

Actor Robert Downey Junior has launched a YouTube documentary about AI.

The Age of AI aims to "demystify" artificial intelligence.

Watch the trailer here:

Trailer for The Age of AI
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